Billy’s Story

fb_img_14757599999381In his 30’s, Billy Moore was classified as morbidly obese and had reached a staggering 360 pounds at his heaviest. He took a job as a handler at FedEx, knowing the physical activity would help him slim down. At the same time, the former marathoner decided to put running back into the forefront of his life.


resized_20161002_152306But before Billy could run again, he began to walk. Several months later he discovered he could run a couple of blocks. Billy set a goal to run a half marathon and hasn’t looked back since. He has now lost nearly 160 pounds and has completed numerous races of all distances.

Art has always been a passion of Billy’s, and as he got back into the sport he loved, he began to use running as his inspiration for pieces. He soon landed a deal with Fleet Feet Sports in Memphis, Tennessee, where the specialty running retailer continue to sell his paintings and host paint parties. Billy also has designed art and t-shirts as awards for races around the area.


Billy’s artwork is unique, just like his story. Using recycled materials and bold colors, he creates pieces that have an energy and soul of their own.

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